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Rob Klerkx
The Netherlands
Rob Klerkx (1971) is drummer in Irish-Dutch-Britrock band Moke. He also plays in Cruiser and The KGB. Previously Rob Klerkx played in numerous bands including Dutch Britpop outfit Supersub, the band Heroface, and backed up acoustic singer-songwriter duo The Jack Stafford Foundation..

Klerkx also performs as singer-songwriter, and plays in Jelle Paulusma's (formerly Daryll-Ann) new band.

Rob klerkx & The Secret
Rob Klerkx (1971) started his musical career on the trumpet and piano at avery young age. Having settled on drums as his instrument of choice by the age of 15, he played with various local bands and studied drums and percussion at the Rotterdam conservatory. He then relocated to Amsterdam and burst onto its music scene with a passion.

Being not only a very talented drummer but also a respected co-composer and multi-instrumentalist, Rob has worked as a studiosession and live musician for several bands, such as the KGB, Brian, Supersub, The Jack Stafford Foundation, Cruiser, Bacon and Heroface. In addition, he has played on several theatre and sound productions.

Currently, Rob Klerkx is involved in bands like Dutch Britpopsensation Moke, guitar based alternative rock group Tora Bora and last but not least Paulusma, a group centred around former Daryll Ann frontman Jelle Paulusma.

In the midst of all these fruitful musical collaborations, Rob's urge to express himself through his own songwriting grew stronger. By early 2004, he had started to write and perform on guitars and vocals, to be joined soon after by Jaromir Fernig on guitars and Gusta Gelijns on vocals and FX.

In 2006, the cooperation resulted in Rob's 7 track EP 'New Roads', his debut release with Kletter recordings. The record has been described as 'intense, atmospheric, poppy, melodic and graceful'.

But this turned out to be only the very beginning of what is now Rob Klerkx & The Secret. Performing live with Jelle Paulusma, Jaromir Fernig and Theo Sieben on electric guitars, The Secret 'bond to explore the darker, more psychedelic regions of their sonic landscapes in both lyrics and sound'.