5 Drummerszone artists - Ben Bakker

Ben Bakker
The Netherlands
Ben Bakker is drummer in Rotterdam based The SoulMinded Band. This outfit backs up artists like Perry Mystique (Raoel Chen) and vocalist Corey, winner of the Dutch Grand Prix in the catoegory R&B/Hiphop in 2002.

Ben Bakker also plays with Wudstik, and Boya, the trio around bassist/singer/songwriter Arto Boyadjian.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who stole his fathers buckets to make his first drum kit. Ben Bakker (1983) already expressed a passion for playing drums at a young age.

His parents noticed their sons interest and enrolled him in the local drum band in Den Helder. Playing drums was not just a spurt of enthusiasm for Ben and to improve his drumming skills he started taking lessons with soul drummer Jack de Bruyn. At the age of nine Ben started playing in a cover band called PatatMet. Together with his guitar playing brother and two friends he started performing monthly.

After his first band, more bands followed in different music styles. Performing on stage has always been special to Ben. It is not only an outlet to show his talents to the public but also a way to connect with people and move them emotionally.
In the meantime you could have heard Ben playing in: Damned by society, For a fact, Insane, Impact, Gemlitz and Liever Live.

The story continues and nowadays making music is everything to Ben. It does not matter if he feels happy or sad; playing drums is a way of release for him. But playing drums only for leisure is not enough. He wants to play all the time and make it his profession.

In 2004 Ben Bakker started studying drums at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Supported by his teachers (Oscar Kraal, Cyril Directie, Ruben van Roon and Erick Hoeke) he is developing his drumming skills to a high level.

At this moment Ben is working hard to build his music career and is involved in several music projects. You can hear him playing drums in the live band of Wudstik with whom he already played at Noorderslag 2006 and Lowlands 2006. Ben was also a member of the band Hennon with whom he recorded an album with Gerhard Wolfle in Germany.

Ben Bakker also drums in a trio called Boya. He is also recording songs with this band. Besides these bands, Ben is also a member of the Soulminded band with whom he accompanies artists. Becoming a professional drummer means working hard. Ben is very motivated and willing to make his music dreams come true.