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Shane Gaalaas
* August 08, 1967
Canada, United States
Shane is the epitome of a multi-faceted and multi-talented musician. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Shane began playing music early in life and eventually received his formal education at Grant MacEwan Music College in Edmonton, Alberta and later at the acclaimed Percussion Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, where to this day Shane teaches courses when his busy schedule permits.

Shane was consumed by music early on.
"I remember being crazed and running around the basement, singing along with Elvis and what ever else came blasting out of my Mom and Dad's jukebox."
After hearing KISS Alive 1 at a relative's place, he begged his parents to take him to the KISS concert in 1977 (Love Gun Tour).
"That concert changed my life. It had so much impact on me, from that point on I knew what I was going to do in life."
Shane began playing guitar at age nine and picked up the drums a year later.
"I spent countless hours practicing along to records by AC/DC, Zeppelin, Sabbath and VanHalen. My parents were very supportive, they bought me an old acoustic guitar and then a Maxwin drum set. I would be in the basement cranking my Peavey Decade and pounding my drums as hard as I could, and they would just put up with it. My friend Dan Dittrick would come over and we would jam through a PA, open up all the windows, so the 4000 residents of Innisfail could all hear us."
Upon graduating high school, Shane began touring professionally with a Top 40 group. In 1987 Shane studied jazz, percussion and piano at Grant MacEwan Music College in Edmonton Alberta. For the next three years, Shane toured with Canadian circuit bands. Throughout 1991 he recorded and toured with guitarist/producer Paul Dean in a band called The Heat.

In 1993 Shane moved to Los Angeles to study at the Musicians Institute (PIT), from which he graduated with Vocational Honors. He also won the "Rock Drummer of The Year" award and the "Human Relations" award 93/94. In 2000, Shane returned to the school as part of the teaching faculty (PIT) and as schedule permits, teaches rock drums, double bass drums and open counseling.

Since his arrival in LA, Shane has done countless sessions in a variety of musical styles. Shane has recorded and toured extensively with legendary artists such as Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Billy Sheehan, Special EFX, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker, Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth and Phil Moog.

Currently, Shane is involved with his own bands Diesel Machine and Cosmosquad. Diesel Machine just finished a tour with Static X and Soulfly to promote their new record "Torture Test". This spring, Cosmosquad will be releasing their second album "Squadrophenia" and a live record "Live at the Baked Potato" in the fall.

Shane played drums and percussion on "Golden Soul" the dbut album by artist Lao Tizer, who has since been nominated for "Best New Artist of the Year 2001" by the smooth jazz awards committee. In January, Shane appeared on TV playing drums in an episode of the hit series " Providence". Shane just finished recording tracks on the latest album for Japanese icon B'z who have sold 83,000,000 units. In May, Shane will commence a five-month Stadium tour with the B'z playing to over 600,000 fans . During this time, Shane is scheduled to make several live TV performances and interview with various drumming publications.

Throughout his career, Shane has appeared in numerous publications worldwide. This year Shane will release an instructional music minus drums CD/charts educational book. It will be released by late summer 2002.

After spending half of 2003 in Japan touring with B'z (pick up the latest live DVD 'Typhoon' to get a glimpse of what goes on at these stadium shows, and releasing his first ever solo album, 'Primer', Shane Gaalaas took some time upgrading his studio, Crumb West, and inaugurated it with several different projects he has been working on.

Shane recorded drum tracks to 4 B'z songs. Two of which, 'Banzai' and 'Arigato', became singles and went to #1 in Japan. Incredibly, 'Arigato' is their 28 (!) consecutive Number One hit on the Japanese charts!

He has also been doing a very cool thang called Crumb Bros., a smokin' new band with Jeff Kollman, Mark Renk on vocals, and Kevin Chown on bass that came together late 2003. Their debut album, tentatively titled 'Recycled Influence', should be out sometime in early 2005.

Shane Gaalaas also laid down a few drum tracks for Jeff's new project JKB and their album 'Bleeding the Soul'. Also, Barry Sparks has a new solo record called 'Can't Look Back'. Shane jammed out 6 drum ditties on it. He also played on the sophomore record of bassist/singer songwriter, Chris Maloney. Previously Shane had laid down the drumtracks for his first album 'Control'

Last but not least Shane Gaalaas also spent part of the summer 2004 in Japan doing a drum camp.