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Jordi Geuens
Jordi Geuens was born in Antwerp in 1985 and since his birth the only thing he could think of was music. The drums were his first choice and he never lost his love for that instrument. Therefore he was already playing on pots and pans with a lot of knives, forks and spoons! Also the furniture and the car interior were victims of his never seen solo-performances. Since his parents noticed that he was musical gifted, they sent them to the local drum corps when he was 5. After that they sent him to the music school and then the real stuff began.

He learned his basic techniques from Chris Lembrechts. He got lots of experience with other musicians, playing in bandclasses, concertbands and of course his own bands. He even had the chance to play in Antwerps Sportpaleis at the age of 16.

When he was 18 he graduated at both high school and music school and the next step for him was going to the conservatory of Rotterdam. His entrance examinations were successful and since September 2003 he studies at the pop department of the Rotterdam conservatory.
He had lessons from Ad de Jong, Joost van Schaik, Hanz Deijnen, Dave van den Dries, Bart Nederhand and his current teachers are Juan van Emmerloot and Hans Eijkenaar.

Besides school Jordi has the opportunity to play with a lot of good musicians. He plays with Mira, who recently got a contract with Evil Penguin Records, and Lize Accoe (former singer of De la Vega) whos starting up her solo career.
Besides those bands he often participates in different projects and sessions, playing all kinds of music. That way he is constantly opening up his horizons. He also had the opportunity to play with Novastar for a while. One of his most remembering and joyful experiences with that band, was a short showcase in Forest National in Brussels and a full concert at Rock Ternat 2005. Besides that, working with Novastar gave him the opportunity to learn a lot about things that you cant learn at school.

Jordis main ambition is to be able to make music all his life, wherever he wants and every kind of music he likes, such as funk, soul, singer-songwriting, jungle / drum & bass, hip hop, rock, jazz Therefore he tries to be the best musician that he can, not only in his playing, but also in the way he is as a human being.
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