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Paul Kodish
United Kingdom
Paul Kodish has been playing drums since 4 years old. He was brought up in Willesden, north London, UK.

Paul is heavily influenced by Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, and Stuart Copeland. His first pro gig was with Brooklyn rappers Whodini. He first played with likes of Robbie Gordon (Gill Scott Heron), Eye to Eye, and Voodoo U.

Then in the London funk scene with The Funklawds, Black Britain, T-Funk/Ibex, The Reinfofced Crew, Aka Dego Marc Mac-Mc Mg, Jean Michel Jarre, (Paris 1998 Eifel Tower Gig 1.1 Milion People), Mobass Crew Paris (Dj Brusco Sedji Dj Ben Lutin ), Apollo 440 (Supporting U2 Pop Mart), Maximum Roach (Darker Than Toast), Moving Fusion, Bad Company, Adam F, Dj Fresh, and Pendulum.

Paul Kodish is currently endorsed by Zildjian, Pork-Pie Drums and Vic Firth sticks.
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