5 Drummerszone artists - Tony Scaglione

Tony Scaglione
* July 23, 1967
United States
Tony Scaglione (1976, Passaic, New Jersey) began playing drums at age ten in elementary school. In addition to filling in for Dave Lombardo in Slayer, Tony has also recorded and/or toured with a number of different acts including Whiplash, Raging Slab, M.O.D., Sheer Terror and Cause For Alarm, North Side Kings, Deathrash, Zero Hour, Ludichrist, Eightfold, Frank Lloyd Vinyl, The Michael Nitro Band, Mantra, and 7 Licks.

Performing with these diverse bands have shown his versatility as a player, which keeps him in great demand as a session/touring musician.

Tony Scaglione is influenced by many different drummers especially Steve Smith and Tony Williams and enjoys playing many styles of music.

Also very active in the field of drum education, he runs a private teaching practice.

Tony Scaglione left New Jersey's thrashers Whiplash to replace Dave Lombardo in Slayer during the 1986 Reign in Blood Tour when Dave quit the band for a few months. Joe Cangelosi filled the vacant spot in Whiplash.

Tony has toured throughout North America and Europe numerous times with all of the artists listed above in support of their various releases. He has also had the opportunity to perform with many other notable acts including Ludichrist during their Immaculate Deception U.S. tour in 1988, Sheer Terror for their Love Songs For The Unloved North American tour 1996 and their farewell US and European tours in 1998.

During the nineties Scaglione would return to Whiplash again.