5 Drummerszone artists - Kim Weemhoff

Kim Weemhoff
* December 30, 1959
The Netherlands
Kim Weemhoff was born on December 30th, 1959 in Amsterdam. In his teens he played the guitar and loved heavy bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. When he started playing the drums his examples were Steve Gadd and Billy Cobham.

Kim took over Pim Koopman's drumchair in DIESEL through his stint in Delrose, a band from The Hague that also included at some point (though not at the time) Bas Krumperman. Kim was quite young at the time (in his early twenties as opposed to Rob Vunderink, who was already over 30) and the experience kind of overwhelmed him.

With no professional experience he went on the North-American tour within a year of his arrival in the band. Kim then started recording "Unleaded" with the band and on the second day of these sessions he quit. On the LP Kim can only be heard on "Samantha" (not the 1988 single, but the Mark Boon song on "Unleaded").

Apparently he suffered from nervous exhaustion, though there are different versions of the story going 'round. Dido Smit claims Kim couldn't cope with the pressure of being in a professional band; Bas Krumperman's opinion is that Kim "should have known better than to wait until he collapsed"; Kim himself thinks it was his lack of experience.

Fortunately this was not to be the end of Kim Weemhoff as a musician, for he went on to become one of the most respected jazzrock/fusion drummers of the Netherlands. He made two CD's with his own band Sinister Project, but really became a "name" musician by joining Candy Dulfer's Funky Stuff (for those who don't know, Candy had a number 1 jazz CD in the USA and recorded with Prince and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics).

He also did some work for Spanish flamenco guitarist Jaco Abel and kept his name in the Premier League of musicians by joining singer Mathilde Santing's backing band The Whole Band, which he quit last summer. Last year he did a theatre tour with Dutch singer Frank Boeyen (83 gigs).

Kim freelances (e.g. with percussionist Marnix Stassen in the Ellen Helmus Band and with the Jungle Warriors) and is trying to master the art of playing the tabla (Indian drum).