5 Drummerszone artists - Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson
* May 28, 1970
United Kingdom
Mark Richardson was born at Jimmy's in Leeds. He lived in Dunblane, Scotland, Whitby, Scarborough, and Wood Green. Mark started playing drums on December 1st 1976 and got his first kit (a Ludwig Snare Drum and Bass Drum) on 25th December the same year. Mark recalls:
"When I was six years old, I used to go round to my best friends house. He had a drum kit and when he sold it to get a decent one, my dad bought his old kit for me. It was really crap but started me off on the path to mega-stardom!"
His first band was called Sharp, which did one song "Run to You" (Bryan Adams) at a school dance then split up! Other previous bands were called Black Ice (1987), Ramere (1989), and King Louis until December 18th 1991 when, while rehearsing for the Jim'll Fix It programme (after Mike Lee's departure), he was asked to join Little Angels on a permanent basis.

In 1995 Mark teamed up with Bruce Dickinson, Jimmy Dickinson to form a band called B.L.O.W. with Dave Gooding and Nickey Boyes.

In July 1995 after meeting the rest of Skunk Anansie at the Kerrang Awards and telling them "Your drummer sucks, I`m better", the Skunk Anansie "line-up" was finally complete when Mark joined the band, replacing the original Skunk Anansie drummer, Robbie France (of group Diamond Head).
During the Skunk years Mark married a Finland TV star called Maria Guzenina and had a baby son called Alex around 1999, however Mark and Maria then separated around 2001.

In July 2001 Mark played at The Guildford Academy Summer School. The Academy declared the week a resounding success and provided students with an awe-inspiring five days of rock and pop. With a full compliment of tutors on hand, the summer school seemed destined to be an amazing week of learning for all involved. Live gigs were organised too and allowed the students to socialise with each other whilst watching the likes of Eric Roche, Pete Friesen, Mark Richardson and Jim Dickinson.

Until late 2001, Mark was playing percussion in Dollshouse as well as being a session and live drummer for various bands and artists, including Spice Girl Mel B and Sunna.

In February 2001 rumours started breaking that Mark was set to join Feeder as a replacement for the late Jon Lee, who tragically committed suicide in January. These rumours were confirmed in March 2002.