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William "Rocky" Gray
* July 02, 1974
United States
Rocky Gray (born July 2, 1974 as William Gray) is the drummer for the multi-platinum rock band Evanescence. Rocky is best known as the lead guitarist for Living Sacrifice and is notorious for his numerous side projects such as Thy Pain, Soul Embraced, Mourningside, and The Burning. He is married to Renee and has two kids, Abraham and Madison.

William "Rocky" Gray plays drums in Evanescence. In an interview with Tama Gray reveils:
"I've been playing my whole life. My mom told me as far back as I can remember that I've been playing with pots and pans. My mom and dad are into music, too. My mom's into country and my dad's into classic rock: Black Sabbath, Lynard Skynard, ZZ Top. And so I've been brought up with music my whole life. Probably the first one was Peter Criss; I said, 'this is the stuff I want to do'."
His first professional gig was doing the country music bar band when he was 16. His mother was the singer in the band. Rocky shouldn't have even been in the place but he was working for the band so they let him in, doing all cover songs from Hank Williams to Garth Brooks, everything.

Before Evanescence Rocky Gray played with many bands. Most of them were garage bands. He was in a band called Chalice, which was his first real band. The did original songs and cover songs. Then Rocky played with a band called Soul Embraced and with Six Shine. Gray:
"With Six Shine we were actually doing some things. We actually got a little demo going with Jon Bon Jovi in New York. We were shopping for labels but it just never happened. That was one of the last bands I played drums in. Then I played guitar for a long time with Living Sacrifice. That was the last thing I did before Evanescence."
The only training Rocky Gray really had was when he had lessons as a kid. That lasted about a week. Then he did the intermediate band in junior high. That lasted about a week. Rocky:
"The paperwork is what got me. I was good at the actual playing, but I didn't want to have to do the homework and stuff like that. I'm one of those guys, I guess."

In 2009 Rocky Gray teamed up with former Evanescence guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt, and started a new band named The Fallen.
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