5 Drummerszone artists - Bruno Meeus

Bruno Meeus
* August 00, 1963
Bruno Meeus first sat behind a drum kit at the age of 11. He took drumming very seriously, and the sensational style and abilities he has developed over the years where initially inspired by radio pop and soul music and rock bands Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Queen. He joined his first band, Impetus, at the age of 12, playing Deep Purple and Beatle covers at school gigs and family parties. By the age of 14 Bruno Meeus had learned how to sight-read and dove into drum literature using books by Jim Chapin (jazz) and Ginger Baker (rock) of Cream fame.

Bruno Meeus was recording with U.K-guitarist Carlos Wright and the band Broken Skin when he was 15 and busy with local Antwerp bands playing everything from pop, rock to jazz-rock and experimental music ( Blitz 1979). He was also developing his diversity, experimenting on stage with guitar, bass, piano, violin, harmonica and keyboards. He was very serious.

At 19 Bruno Meeus turned professional, touring and recording in Scandinavia with experimental-rock UK group The Hunting Party 1984 (Christiana Kopenhagen Dk), and trading off between drums and guitar in other bands for the next five years (Rotation, White Heat, Subs dance 1985, Lad Broke an Arab 1986, Cro-Magnons 1986, Romeo Spinelli (1989).

Brunos career took off with Wizards of Ooze, a Belgian acid-Jazz band. With the success of the single The Bone, the Wizards toured Europe year after year, attending as well major Rock festivals (Finkenbach (D) and Rock temples (Paradiso in Amsterdam (Nl), and jazz clubs such as Londons Ronnie Scotts(Uk), Jazz Bilzen (B) and the Sardinia Jazz fest (I).

With the Wizards Bruno Meeus was able to contest his boundaries, since the notorious live acts of the Wizards were based on instant improvisation mixed with a repertoire of at least 27 different styles of music.

From that point Bruno Meeus played almost every day. He collaborated with the Moon Dive Project, featuring J.Mascis (Dinosaurs Junior), Robert Jan Stips (Golden Earring, Nits), Silvano Matadin (Urban Dance Squad); sessions and gigs with Grasshopper & TLP, Vibes Ahead (DJ & drums), The Groove Cartel, Christian Jansen (ex-Wallace Collection), Anca Parghel (Jazz, Roemenia); Urube (Chilians latin-jazz project with Ricky Encarnacion (Ricky Martinez), Zap Mama (Belgian, African)(Ethnic Pop), Cathy Garcia (US)(Fusion), Triassic Jazz (B), the Hugo Bogaerts Band (B)(fusion)featuring Michel Biscelia (R.Brecker) playing festivals in UK, Spain & Holland, Nina Babet (UK), Vitalsky & The Living Tornados (B, avangarde punk-rock) hard-core fusion with Jurassic Jazz (B), radio jams with Wigbert and Jan Hautekiet (StuBru) and studiowork with Rick De Leeuw (Trckener Kecks, Nl).

Though busy playing all styles of music, Bruno Meeus never strayed far from playing rock with local bands including Bob Savenberg, The Kreuners, Jean Bosco Safari (the Hope Band) and shared stage with major international artists like John Miles (Tina Turner), Tony Hadly (Spandau Ballet) and Stan Webbs Chicken Shack.

Bruno Meeus teaches as well at the Hammeron Rock School in Antwerp, Belgians most exquisite institute towards teaching contemporary music styles. He is also a renowned clinician.