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Roy Moonen
* December 26, 1981
The Netherlands

Roy Moonen was born in December 1981 in Heerlen, Limburg. For the early part of his life he grew up in a small village called Slenaken. His interest in rhythm was very apparent, even at an early age and before he could even walk Roy was drumming / tapping on everything he could possibly get his hands on. At the tender age of 8 Roy became a member of the local tambourine and fanfare corps. In the 8 years that Roy was a part of the corps, he learned a lot of basic rules and lessons to do with all kinds of percussion and tambourining.

His lifes mission was realised on his 11th birthday when Roy got his first drum kit and from that point on his life became fully devoted to playing drums and to music in general. In the infancy of learning his preferred instrument he devoted himself to the drums self learning many techniques by playing along with the music of his favourite bands and also by playing in several bands.

At the age of 19 Roy had his first real drum lesson from Sjoerd Ruttten at the Drumschool Maastricht as an introduction for the Conservatoria and Rock Academy. After one year of studying at Maastrichts reknowned Art Academy, Roy decided to go full on for his passion for music.

In 2002 Roy started his education at the Rock Academy in Tilburg. There he received drum lessons from Ren Creemers, Hans van den Hurk, Koen Lieckens and Arthur Lijten. During his time studying there he focused mainly on furthering and developing his techniques, creativity and functionality, sound and set up, groove and timing, therefore creating his very own unique sound and style that addresses correct technique with an open minded flare to embrace different musical styles that ensures his style is truly one of a kind.

In 2006 Roy graduated from the Rock Academy for his discipline Drums and Music Technician. From that moment on, Roys life as a professional musician was just starting.

During his studies, Roy was active with his bands 37stabwoundz, Sengaia and several other projects where he gained a lot of experience with drumming and being actively involved with the day to day running of fully touring bands that were releasing full length albums. With 37stabwoundz he has played all throughout western Europe with highlights like the Pinkpop Festival, Goudvishal 20th Anniversary Festival, Bilbao Winter Bash Festival (Spain), Deadfest (Sweden), Noordschok, Basinfire Fest (Czech Republic) and the Converse Choose Your Weapon Tour.

In 2006 Roy was asked to play for Dutch popstar and theater/musical star Kim-Lian who was also known for her career as a TV presenter. Roy has played several shows in The Netherlands with Kim-Lian and did some TV and radio performances such as Top Of The Pops and 3FM. He was also featured in Kim-Lians video clip In Vain.

Immediatelly after his graduation Roy could begin teaching at the Drumschool Maastricht where nowadays he has an average of 25 students a week aged from as young 7 and as old as 55 where his skills, talent and opinions about drumming are well respected and admired. Roy is also very well known for giving drum clinics and workshops for all kinds of techniques and styles.

In 2007, Roys main band 37Stabwoundz decided to call it a day and quit, but that didnt deter Roy from pursuing his passion for playing live and trying new challenge and with that in mind Roy started a drum n bass project under the name of Liquid Passion where his live drumming was combined with two DJs (Daradar and 2LIP) and a VJ (Wedovoodoo Visuals) which turned out to be a great formula for the live setting.

Roy not only has much experience in the live setting as an artist and performer, but he has also worked as a drum tech for the band Carnivore (which features members of Type O Negative and Life Of Agony) for their European tour at the end of 2007 where his valuable knowledge of creating great live sounds and kit management came into great assistance which has led to Roy being asked numerous times to work as a drum tech for other bands.

During this smae period, Roy was asked to play for the well known Hardcore / Metal band Born From Pain. His first shows with the band were a baptism of fire and included touring Russia and the Czech Republic. In 2008, Roy became a full time member of Born From Pain which led to him becoming an integral part of the writing process for the bands new Metal Blade album titled Survival. Roys live reputation grew further from playing many shows and festivals with Born From Pain all over Europe ranging from playing in countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy to countries such as Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria. In the summer of 2008, Roy hit many of the major festivals all over Europe which included highlights such as With Full Force (Machine Head, Life Of Agony, Cavalera Conspiracy, In Flames), Hellfest (Slayer, Motorhead, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dimmu Borgir) and Summer Breeze (Cradle Of Filth, Paradise Lost, Helloween, As I Lay Dying). With Born From Pain Roy has also been a part of the Persistance tour in the end of 2008 (Sick Of It All, Terror, Heaven Shall Burn)

Roy also has his own studo where he works on his own personal productions and recordings /mixings for other bands. The first Record he released as a Music Technician was the E.P. from the band Rain Meets Oil which besides being responsible for recording and mixing the songs, he also played the drums.

Roy is also a very respected and sought after session and studio musician and has played drums on a variety of different styles of musical projects varying from the upcoming full length of the band Viberider to playing along with Kim-Lian for the musical De Grande Dames during the 125 year anniversary of the City Theater in Groningen in honour of Jasperina de Jong during September 2008.

In 2009 Roy toured intensively with Born From Pain. They did an Eastern European headline tour in countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hungery and toured for 7 weeks all over Europe with Terror, Stick To Your Guns and Trapped Under Ice.
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