5 Drummerszone artists - Twan "Twixy" Bakker

Twan "Twixy" Bakker
* March 20, 1978
The Netherlands
Twan 'Twixy' Bakker grew up in the tiniest town in Limburg (NL) you could imagine where he used to play with the local percussion groups and classical orchestras. In highschool he met some guys who came to be the best friends in my life; Musically as well as personally. That was when it all started, what grew out to be Twans passion. Life as a low-life musician...

In his own words:

There has to be a passion in my life, i.e. something I enjoy spending my time and money on. Allright, I finished my education (marketing management), got a nice piece of paper lying around at my home. But quite frankly I don't do anything with it, allthough I'm glad I have it and do have the possibility of a back-up passion (as if that would ever grow to be one...). I like my life as it is right now: a flexible job with nice colleagues and the work is allright-ish, a nice appartment, a sweet & naughty little kitty and a car. What more could a guy like me want? (retorical question.. I know the answer) I love touring and playing shows, recording in the studio and simply hanging out with the guys in the band. Every experience is a new one and something different.

Furthermore I listen a lot to music (well, who doesn't) and to a lot of different styles (NiN, Tool, KMFDM, Depeche Mode, Ministry, Meshuggah, VNV Nation, My Dying Bride, Rush, King Crimson, Faith No More, Alice in Chains...to name but a few). And beside all this music in my life I like almost every form of entertainment available at times; f.i. watching movies (and especially buying DVD's), playing PSX/PS2-games (on a low level that is), chatting with interesting people and friends, eating (anything sweet and/or pink), reading (whenever I'm able to) and of course updating and editing this site (amongst others), correcting all the minor details, structuring etc. I try to think of things I'd like to see on here and spend too much time figuring stuff out to make it work, sometimes it works (nifty) sometimes it doesn't (mostly). I like writing down whatever is on my mind (obviously), that's why I came up with the (brilliant) diaries. I use a lot of brackets, I love those things (maybe that's because of the hectic way of expressing myself).

Early 2004 Twixy decides to leave the band. Stephen van Haestregt temporary fills his vacant place.

In July 2004 Twixy shows up in industrial band Sons of the Rain. According to the band self their live shows are spectacular, using steel plates and oil barrels as percussion instruments.

Augustus 2007 Twan leaves Zone62 and starts playing in the atmospheric Rock band GentleNova.