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Ries Doms
* June 11, 1979
The Netherlands
Ries Doms (Goirle, 1979) is a drummer from Tilburg, the Netherlands. Heavily influenced by Keith Moon and Han Bennink he's well know for his total energy style of playing. He played both sides of the Atlantics multiple times. From 1998 until current he appears/appeared in the following groups/projects: Product X, Vitamin X, Reaching Forward, The Uncontrollable, The Spades, Bars (usa), Powervice, Hydromatics (hol/usa), Hooghwater, Betonfraktion, Gingerpig and some one off projects.

During that period he worked and performed with: Jack Endino (producer Nirvana), Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Richard Nijhuis (Allround songwriter, THOD), Vincent Korenman (Travoltas, THOD, Producer) Tony Slug (BGK, Loveslug), Scott Morgan (Sonic's Rendezvouz Band, Rationals), Kent Steedman (Celibate Riffles), Kevin Baker (Hope Conspiracy), Tim Cossar (American Nightmare, GUTG), Adam Wentworth (The Red Chord, Bloodhorse), Matt Woods (American Nightmare, Bloodhorse) Nick J Swarth (Poet), Frank Crijns (Blast Octet, Composer), Selim Lemouchi (The Devil's Blood), Willem Verbuyst (Dr. Reverb, Vanderbuyst), Boudewijn Bonebakker (Gorefest), Jarno van Es (Mojo Trojka), Wout Kemkens (Bloody Honkies), Rudeboy (Urban Dance Squad), Bart Geevers (Peter Pan Speedrock) and many many others...

He is also the co-fouder of the annual Incubate festival for independent culture in Tilburg, the Netherlands (formerly known as ZXZW) and is still involved in the festival as a boardmember.

Most recently Ries Doms founded Quadrofoon Records a new recordlabel in support of the new wave of independent recording artists.