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Barry Stern
† April 01, 2005
United States
Barry Stern joined Trouble after the release of the album "Run to the Light", replacing previous drummer Dennis Lesh.

Stern had formerly been drummer in Zoetrope. He played drums and sang on the first two Zoetrope albums 1985's "Amnesty" and 1987's "A Life of Crime" before leaving to join the Chicago doomsters Trouble prior to the recording of their classic 1990 self-titled offering. He stuck around long enough to appear on the follow-up effort, 1992's "Manic Frustration".

Barry Stern left the band Trouble again in 1994 to join Cathedral on tour.

In 2004 Stern was sitting behind the kit for Debris Inc., the new group featuring Saint Vitus mainman Dave Chandler and ex-Trouble bassist Ron Holzner. However, when Debris Inc. hit the road in May 2004, it was Jimmy Bower who was sitting behind the drum kit. It seemed a temporarily replacement as Stern was back on the spot again in June 2004.

On Friday April 1, 2005 Barry Stern sadly passed away. Stern, who was said to be recovering from recent hip-replacement surgery, was believed to be in his mid-40s.

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