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Bevan Davies
* August 29, 0000
United States
In June 2003 Bevan Davies was added to the lineup of the legendary metal outfit Danzig, replacing Joey Castillo. He stayed until 2005. Davies is currently performing with The Mercy Clinic, which includes former Damageplan frontman Pat Lachman.

Davies formerly played in Still Rain. The band became pretty succesful in the underground. Their first CD is simply called "Still Rain". A second cd, "Bitter Black Water", soon followed.

After doing this for a couple of years, Donnie - the singer - left the group and the rest of them carried on as a band called Mouthpiece with Corey, Clint and Troy taking turns singing lead. This did not last long. They soon broke apart and went their separate ways.

In 1996 Bevan Davies started the "well-dressed Funk glamrock band" Madfly. The band put out two albums between 1996 and 1998, both on William's label, DVL Recordings. The first, "Get The Silver" mixed rock, pop, R&B, even glam. It was sort of like if Zeppelin and Bowie had a baby and it was raised by Prince. It was DuVall's first time in the producer's chair.

The second Madfly album, "White Hot in the Black", was released through a distribution deal between DVL and PolyGram. It had some pretty significant airplay on mainstream Rock and Pop radio stations, including the Active Rock radio hit with "Rat Trap Karma" and sold some records, but something was missing.

The band and marketing management disagreed on how to market Madfly and the band went quietly back into obscurity. Blount had to leave the band for medical reasons.

When the band found Stanger in May of '99 they decided it was a good time for a change and renamed themselves "Comes With the Fall"

Bevan Davies formed Comes With the Fall in May 1999, together with William DuVall, Adam Stanger and Nico Constantine. They recorded their self-titled debut album in one six week period between August and October of that year.

They moved to Los Angeles, California in February 2000. After playing at local California clubs, the band met Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), who invites them to open for him during his "Degredation Trip" tour beginning in 2001.

Second guitarist Constantine left the band during the first leg of the tour and CWTF continued on as a three-piece band. Due to some scheduling conflicts, Bevan winded up doubling as back-up for Cantrell's official drummer Mike Bordin during the tour.

The "Murder Scene EP" was put together by hand while out on the first leg of Cantrell tour to allow fans to purchase CDs while the band is touring, since the self-titled CD has sold out. The songs were recorded and mixed in three days right before Christmas 2000.

"The Year Is One" was recorded in Los Angeles in late 2001. Four of the songs were recorded during one 3-day session in December at a studio behind a house in Hancock Park. The other six were recorded, and all ten songs mixed, during one 4-day session at Royaltone Studios in North Hollywood.

Nearly every song is a first take. In fact, four of the songs - "So Cruel," "Since I Laid Eyes On You," "Smashdown," and "Never See Me Cry" - were each recorded completely live, vocal and all, just like a show.
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