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Dorsetshire Doom mongers Electric Wizard actually started life dubbed Thy Grief Eternal before shortening this to Eternal. Ex Lords Of Putrefaction vocalist Justin Obern fronted the band at this point, also comprising of further Lords Of Putrefaction colleagues bassist Dave Pedge and drummer James Evans. However, following the British pop charts being hit by the female quartet of the same name Eternal felt required to instigate a name change to Electric Wizard.

Under this handle the group has subsequently made their career. The 1998 mini album 'Supercoven', featuring drummer Mark 'Groaning' Greening, was released only by mail order in a limited edition. Another ex-Electric Wizard frontman, Lee Smith, founded fellow Birmingham based Doomsters Sally in the late 90's. The first two records were re-packaged as a singles set for re-release in 1999.

Recording for Electric Wizard's fourth album was severely delayed when Greening fell off a pushbike and damaged his arm. Obern was also hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. Although undertaking another round of North American touring in the summer of 2002, headlining over Sons Of Otis and Unearthly Trance, the band released a press statement stating that their closing gig of this run, at Philadelphia's Khyber Pass venue on June 27th, would be their final show.

However, April of 2003 saw Electric Wizard's long standing rhythm section of bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening severing ties in order to found Ramesses in alliance with former Spirmyard bassist/vocalist Adam Richardson. Obern relocated to North America to completely re-build the band from scratch, pulling in ex-Iron Monkey drummer Justin Greaves, second guitarist Liz Buckingham of 13 and Sourvein repute and bassist Rob Al-Issa for a revamped Electric Wizard line up.

This line up completed a successful UK tour with Cathedral and slayed Stockholm headlining the Rise Above Xmas Doomfest. The addition of Justin bought an altogether more solid and consistent and Elephantine groove to the bands often unpredictable and chaotic live performances.
Following these excursions, bassist Tim decided that he no longer wanted to play bass and decided to leave, forming a new band with the recently departed Greening.

Deciding to refrain media attention until a stable line up was in place, founder member Jus Oborn decided to recruit the services of a second guitarist, Liz Buckingham, who had previously played with legendary cult all girl New York Doom/Crust band 13 and more recently with Southern Lord recording artists Sourvein. Filling in the bass position is friend of the band Rob Al-Issa.

The band re-entered Chuckalumba in Dorset to lay down Seven new earth shattering tracks for the forthcoming album - ‘We Live’ – quite an apt title, all things considered. Band leader Oborn relocated to the States, where the album was scheduled to be mixed with legendary noise meister Billy Anderson.

‘We Live’ was released through Rise Above Records in early 2004.
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