Watch Matt Garstka's vfJAMS LIVE performance Including interviews, transcriptions and play-along tracks Watch Matt Garstka\'s vfJAMS LIVE performance - Including interviews, transcriptions and play-along tracks On January 20 2018, Vic Firth hosted its first ever #vfJAMS LIVE recording session at EastWest Studios in Hollywood, California. Vic Firth will continue to post these sessions throughout this year with full performances, interviews, transcriptions, play-along tracks and prize giveaways. Devon Taylor's videos are coming next week, followed by Sarah Thawer, Eric Harland, Benny Greb, Mark Guiliana and others. This first episode features Matt Garstka performing the track G'ska Funk, a composition by bandleader Robert "Sput" Searight and Matt Garstka himself.

Below you find all the videos released for this episode only, plus the download links of the Transcription & Music-Minus-Drums Tracks.

Episode 1: Matt Garstka - G'ska Funk
Matt Garstka playing G'ska Funk with the all-star vfJAMS Band.

Matt Garstka
Matt Garstka is regarded as one of the key progressive drummers of his generation. With a Berklee education on his side and gigging experience since age 12 it's no wonder he teamed up with Animals as Leaders. He is by no means simply a metal drummer. His stylistic background in chronological order goes as such - blues, rock, reggae, funk, fusion, latin, punk, jazz, metal, R&B, gospel and whatever style you would call Animals as Leaders. He states 'if you're truly passionate about something, you won't mind working your ass off for it'.

Matt Garstka Signature Stick (SGAR)
Animals As Leaders drummer Matt 'The Rhythmic Scientist' Garstka now has its own signatures with Vic Firth. Just like his 2018 Meinl Signature Equilibrium China, Matt's demands for a stick were all about that balance in power, speed and sound. The unique characteristic is the blended tip and long taper.

The new Matt Garstka, Steve Gadd and Questlove Vic Firth sticks

Watch and read all about the new Garstka, Gadd and Questlove from Vic Firth.
Matt Garstka Signature Stick (SGAR)
G'ska Funk Drum-Cam version

G'ska Funk Overhead cam with transcription

Matt Garstka vfJAMS interview with Elmo Lovano

Download of the Transcription & Music-Minus-Drums Tracks
Play-along chart (pdf through
Drumless track
Drumless - with click

The vfJAMS LIVE schedule
  • May 1 Devon Taylor
  • June 5 Sarah Thawer
  • July 3 Stanley Randolph
  • August 7 Eric Harland
  • September 4 Benny Greb
  • October 2 Sput Searight
  • November 6 Mike Mitchell
  • December 4 Mark Guiliana
Matt Garstka's upcoming clinic dates
  • May 10 Vancouver BC, Canada @Long & McQuade Vancouver
  • May 11 Langley BC, Canada @Long & McQuade LTD.
  • May 12 Calgary AB, Canada @Long & McQuade South
  • May 13 Edmonton AB, Canada @Long & McQuade EDM. North
  • May 14 Saskatoon SK, Canada @Long & McQuade (sask) LTD.
  • May 15 Hamilton ON, Canada @Long & McQuade
  • May 16 Toronto ON, Canada @Long & McQuade LTD
  • May 17 Sudbury ON, Canada @Long & McQuade Sudbury
  • May 18 Aurora ON , Canada @Drummers Hangout
  • May 19 Montreal QC, Canada @Steve's Music Store

Matt Garstka's 2018 20" Meinl Equilibrium China
Meinl product demo hosted by The Orlando Drummer Adam Tuminaro.
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