Jason Sutter's new signature sticks and brushes Regal Tip launches two new models in Performer Series Jason Sutter, drummer for Marilyn Manson, and Smash Mouth, has put his signature to Regal Tip's latest models in the Performer Series sticks and brushes.

First introduced at the NAMM show last January, both models are now available.

The new Regal Tip stick model PFJS, dubbed the Chop Stick, is measuring 16.375" x .590" (Length x Diameter). The sticks are priced at a recommended retail price of $16.75 (£14.95 / 14,40 Euro).

Jason Sutter's model BR590R brushes come with a telescopic medium gauge wire, which is a bit heavier than Regal Tip's classic brush. With adjustable spread and a comfortable cobalt blue sleeve, 'The Sutter' has a recommended retail price of $43.00 (£36.99 / 36,18 Euro).

Explains Jason Sutter:
"I'd like to think of the concept behind my new Regal Tip signature Chop Sticks as being that of an Educated Rock Drumstick. The idea came from my experience of playing with a variety of different artists, as well as my back ground in playing in orchestras and big bands in college. The concept of the stick started with the tip design, which is a larger version of tips of the Regal Tip 8A and 9A sticks used by most of the top studio or session drummers in LA.

The shaft is a combo of Regal Tip's 5BX and 7B, creating a longer stick that has weight, but is so well balanced, it never feels heavy. The combination of tip, shaft, length and taper creates a stick that has the power for heavy gigs while offering the articulation and balance necessary for pop, fusion and more sensitive styles.

I used this stick on tour with Marilyn Manson for a year and a half and it is truly a Chop Stick! I can finally say I have found the ultimate tool for my trade."

After touring the world for two years with Marilyn Manson in support of his Grammy-nominated 'Born Villain' album, Jason Sutter has returned to the Smash Mouth drum chair for the band's 20 year anniversary. He is currently touring with the platiunum-selling band throughout the summer on their international 'Under the Sun' tour.

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