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Kit "Kit Carrera" Verdijk
The Netherlands
Kit Carrera studies at the pop/rock division of the conservatory in Rotterdam. He plays with Absent Minded and La Gr‚ce. Previously Carrera played with the bands Jane Doe and Maroen.

Kit Carrera started playing on potís and panís at the age of 2 driving his mother, father and grandparents crazy. When he turned 5 he got his first real set of drums and heís never wanted anything else since.

At the age of 17 he came up with the idea of auditioning for the conservatorium and formed a session band. He wrote a few songs and went into the studio. In less than a day the band recorded, mixed and mastered a demo.

Kit Carrera got an invitation for both the Rotterdam and Amsterdam conservatorium to audition. After a few weeks of immense stress Kit was simply ecstatic when he found out he was accepted to both schools. He eventually chose for Rotterdam because musically it was more the direction he wanted to follow.
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