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social platform for drummers and percussionists

Drummerszone is the world's leading social platform for drummers and percussionists. A free, independent, online grassroots gathering to celebrate the joys of drumming where you can connect with fellow musicians, whether you're about to start tomorrow or have been playing as a pro for decades. It's the outcome of professional website builders and musicians who have teamed up to share their love for drums and percussion with original content.

media, knowledge & resource

Drummerszone is both the ultimate knowledge resource and a vivid community with an ever-expanding library of drum videos, inspirational artist profiles, daily news, product and industry info plus an event calendar among others. We are located in Utrecht, The Netherlands and have been around since 2005.


We provide powerful, easy-to-use promotional solutions, helping musicians and industry professionals to reach their goals in today's complex world. Driven by an unbridled and relentless passion for music, we operate worldwide with customers on every continent.


On Drummerszone.com everyone is different in many aspects, but we're convinced that we all have one of the best things in common: the passion for rhythm and music.