Drummerszone.com advertising solutions

Geo-targeted banner advertising

On Drummerszone.com you can go beyond normal banner advertising. Your banner campaigns can be targeted to the country, the area or the location of the website visitor. We can deliver your marketing message to your target audience with their locations as selection criteria.
campaign examples
  1. Global campaigns
    Run world wide ads to every visitor to Drummerszone.com.
  2. Language targeted campaigns
    Run specific ads exclusively for customers who speak Spanish such as customers in most Latin American countries, Spain and Equatorial Guinea.
  3. Country targeted campaigns
    Run ads to promote a clinic tour in India, a drum camp in the U.K., or a new product that's only available in the Russian Federation.
  4. Regional targeted campaigns
    Have a (drum) festival in Montréal coming up? We run the campaign in Montréal's nearest provinces and U.S. states.
  5. Target campaigns on zip codes/city codes
    Run ad campaigns in your area: useful for dealers, events or local promotions.
banner specs

Sponsored Video Channels (SVCs)

Videos are a great way to engage with audiences. You can use our Sponsored Video Channels (SVCs) if you want to have your (marketing) videos stand out. SVCs are featured at the top of the videos section. Brands can use the SVCs to run campaigns for products, music, artists or to promote video lessons located elsewhere.
how SVCs work
  • Each channel has its own title and topic, e.g.:
    • 'Remo's Powerstroke Pro Drumheads' (product series)
    • 'The Demon Chain Pedal by Pearl Drums' (featured model)
    • 'Paiste Welcomes Vinnie Colaiuta' (featured artist)
  • Add as many videos to each topic/channel as you have available (e.g. feature all your product videos in multiple languages)
  • Visitors and members can like each video while watching
  • Get statistics on all video clicks, views and likes
    (Coming medio 2013: also included are the time watched plus info on viewers social data)
  • videos will stream directly from your company's YouTube channel (1), or from the Drummerszone network (2).
    1. Video statistics are visible in your YouTube channel's Video Manager
    2. Video statistics are provided by Drummerszone
  • Your SVC will continue to run on your brand profile page after the campaign period has ended
tech specs and pricing
  • Video delivery as file or YouTube-link with a title and description of each video (can include links to (product) pages on your own site)
  • 2013 pricing: $125 a month, with 2 months discount for a year ($1300 per year)
  • Contact us at advertising@drummerszone.com for any questions about SVCs.
Let your brand benefit from drummerszone
  • get time and attention

    Drummerszone's dynamic and multi-faceted website engages drummers and percussionists from all over the world. They are active members and loyal visitors because they get connected, entertained and informed with original and relevant content. As a result, they devote time and attention.

  • proven and innovative marketing solutions

    Besides serving the best content possible, another priority is solving business challenges. With proven and innovative marketing solutions, we help you reach your target audience and grow your business.

  • perfect environment for your ads

    We offer a wide range of advertising solutions including geotargeted web banners, tailored e-mail blasts and sponsored video channels. This makes Drummerszone.com the perfect environment to advertise for drum or percussion oriented products, or any products targeting musicians. Tap into our expertise and drop a line.

5 great reasons to advertise on Drummerszone.com
  1. On Drummerszone your target audience devotes time and attention
  1. Geo-target your ads with location based banners
  1. Sponsored Video Channels engage your audience
  1. Deliver your marketing message in any language
  1. Use social data for more relevant advertising
Get a 100% match with your audience