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Larnell Lewis
* March 22, 1984
Larnell Lewis is a drummer from Toronto, Ontario. A student at Humber College, Larnell was the 2004 recipient of the Oscar Peterson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music ($5000 scholarship award) - the highest award given by the institution.

Born into a family of singers/musicians, Larnell Lewis started playing at the age of 2. Sitting on his father's lap he learned to play the drums while his father played the pedals.

At age 4 Larnell Lewis made his first public appearance, as drummer for his father, Oral Lewis and the Malton Church of God Adult Choir.

Larnell Lewis began competing at 7, winning 1st place in the Eastern Canada Church of God Junior Talent Competition for two consecutive years, 1991 and 1993. In 1998 he won the Eastern Canada Teen Talent Competition for drums. After winning 1st place for the second time in 2000, he went on to represent Canada in the International Church of God Teen Talent Competition.

Moving away from his principal instrument, Larnell Lewis competed in the same competition in 2002, winning 2nd place in keyboards and 3rd place in bass (strings plucked category).

Larnell's god-given talent would continue to open doors of opportunity to express himself through music to many different audiences.

As the 2003 recipient of the Yamaha Kando Award ($4000 product award) and winner of the 2003 Kingdom Covenant Centre Drum Off, Larnell Lewis's talent was beginning to be recognized outside the gospel arena. At Mayfield Secondary School of the Arts, Larnell was the co-valedictorian in 2002 for the music program, and won scholarships, which would aid him in his decision to continue his studies at Humber College.

In his 1st year at Humber, Larnell Lewis played for the top ensembles (Trish Colter's Vocal Jazz Group, Don Thompson's Ensemble, and Denny Christianson's Studio Jazz Ensemble) and won the Duke Ellington Award ($1000 scholarship award). His studies at Humber continued to open doors for his professional career by giving him opportunities to play with the pros.

Over the last few of years, Larnell Lewis has performed with many artists/musicians such as Michael Brecker (Verve Records), Dave Holland (LoJac Music), Ranee Lee (Justin Time Records), Salome Bey, Denny Christianson (Justin Time Records, and Head of the Humber College Music Program), Laila Biali, Toya Alexis and is currently playing with Bill King (91.1 Jazz FM), Amoy Levy, Jully Black (Universal), Matt Dusk (Universal) and many others.