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Chason Westmoreland
* March 04, 1989
United States
Chason Westmoreland has drummed with Burning The Masses, Enfold Darkness, Fallujah, Oceano, and Hate Eternal among others.

Chason Westmoreland started playing drums when he was three years old. Chason: "My dad plays bass and my uncle plays drums so music has always been in the family. He bought me this little junior kit, and thats how I started playing. Thanks alot dad. I was just self taught as a kid. My uncle and my dad helped alot in the beginning though, I played along with the bands my dad would play with."

Chason Westmoreland just played pretty basic stuff, till about 6th grade. He started playing in the school band, then he played in jazz band as well. He was also in a few bands in middle shool.

After middle school Chason Westmoreland got into a punk/metal band called Within the Woods. Next, Chason started a death metal band called Enmity Pure.

Chason Westmoreland names Chad Sexton, Travis Barker, Joey Jordison, Cory Grady, and Nick Barker as main influences.
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