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Venzella "Joy" Williams
United States
Venzella "Joy" Williams, better known to family and friends as Joy Williams, plays drums with Beyonce. Joy: "For years and years I dreamed of playing with Beyonce. I would even go as far as in my practice time to study her records so when the time came I would be prepared."

At 10, Joy's father bought her her first drum set for Christmas. Yes it's clich, but the rest really is history. The Williams household endured what may have felt like hours of unending racket, but that "noise" morphed into rhythmic, soul stirring, head bobbing, foot tapping beats that now captivate worldwide audiences.

Joy Williams graduated from Canisius College in 2010 with Bachelors in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Music.

There was a point in time when Joy was practicing drums 6-8 hours a day: "I would go through different exercises and read books to get new techniques. It didn't happen overnight. I've been playing since I was 10, but I would say professionally I probably started at 18 or 19. So that's 8 or 9 years of practicing daily for hours and hours."

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