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Bashiri Johnson
United States
Rhythms are like oceans. They have many sources. The rhythms of Bashiri Johnson come from the streets, from divine intervention, traditions, other musicians, the sky, everything, anything.

According to his mother, Bashiri Johnson started in pre-school, disrupting class by playing on desktops, chairs, toys and anything else he could find a groove on.

His home is Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn where he learned from the neighborhood "street school." But early on, he knew there was a whole world of music going on inside Bed-Sty and out.

Bashiri Johnson grew up in the 60's with Hendrix, Cream, James Brown, Trane, The Panthers, Angela, The Last Poets, Sly, Malcolm, and a guiding light from his parents that made him the musician and person he is today.

Serious percussion began in high school with bands, formal study, grants and my three year tutorship in percussion and the music business with Mtume. Through Mtume, he performed in his first professional session on Stephanie Mills' "Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin'." Bashiri continues:
"Growing up, I wanted to be Airto, Ralph McDonald, Big Black, Tito Puente, Bootsy, Olatunji and Tony Williams. When I wasn't in school, I would be in my room, playing along to the radio. After I learned the parts of my radio mentors, I created my own parts and patterns. As long as I'm playing, I am learning. I've grown up, yet I haven't changed. I will always be a student. I will always be inspired by incredible percussionists, by my roots in Africa, by the world around me."
Bashiri Johnson continues to dwell in that elite group of NYC's first call musicians. Managers, producers, engineers, record labels, dj's, artists, and musicians the world over call upon Bash for his percussive sounds, grooves, ideas, compositions, creativity, and expertise.

Bashiri has expanded his musical galaxy with his products (Wholeness Well Being Formula : a whole foods dietary supplement, and Rhythm Healing product line), his Record/Media label(Life In Rhythm Media), Productions, and Songwriting. Bashiri hosts a Percussion Intensive Seminar at his recording studio(The Lab-Brooklyn) for percussionists of all levels, and holds children's workshops, lectures and clinics to give back to the community and inspire young people.

Bashiri Johnson has recorded and/or performed with Whitney Houston, Donald Fagen, Madonna, Steve Winwood, Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, Rancid, Angelique Kidjo, Gloria Estefan, Paul Simon, Barbara Streisand, Spice Girls, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Queen, Eric Clapton, Sade, Kenny G, Lionel Richie, Kenny Garrett, Aretha Franklin, Sting, Mary J Blige, Gypsy Kings, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Nina Simone, Nelly, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Gatorade, Pepsi, Mission Impossible, Hitch, The Score, The Bodyguard, et. al. 

Bashiri has written and/or produced songs for Lionel Richie, Francis Mbappe, Saida Fikri, LP, Kashif, Papa Susso, Nicole C. Mullen, and Jonathan Peters.