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Koen Lieckens
* July 21, 1966
Born on July 21, 1966 in Wilrijk (Belgium), Koen Lieckens has grown out to a drummer optima forma. Part of his education was one term at the Berklee College of Music(Boston) and two months of private lessons with Billy Hart in New York.

He is a performing & teaching musician at the Conservatory in Rotterdam. Koen is also member of the Examination Board of the Rock Academy in Tilburg. On May 14, 2003 he is present to congratulate the very first gratuated student: Maartje Simons, better known as Marzj.

Koen Lieckens and K's Choice

In 1994, brother and sister Gert and Sarah Bettens start to cross Europe as The Choice with Koen Lieckens on drums. The band supports Morphine in France, The Proclaimers in the U.K., and the Indigo Girls in Germany.

In the Autumn of 1995, "Paradise in Me", the bands second studio album, is released. The album becomes very succesfull. The opening track, "Not an Addict" hits the charts in Belgium and Holland, and subsequently in the rest of Europe. By now, Ks Choice has Dutchman Bart van der Zeeuw on drums, who is replacing Koen.

Bart Van der Zeeuw turns out to be K's permanent drummer until 1999. Then he gets replaced by Koen Lieckens, who joins the group again after a four-year absence. Koen is still part of the band when K's choice celebrate their ten year's aniversary in 2003.

Koen's musical influences are:
  • The Police
  • The Beatles
  • Miles Davis
  • Jothn Coltrane
  • Billy Hart and
  • K's Choice
Previous bands/artists Koen played in/with are: High Voltage Sextet, The Choice(!), Jo Lemaire and Geert Hautekiet. Koen also plays with Venus in Flames, occasionally sharing the stage with Tom and Gert of K's Choice.