5 Drummerszone artists - Chris Strik

Chris Strik
The Netherlands
Chris Strik was born in Breda in 1967. His father was a musician so he grew up with music around him all the time. Chris started to play the accordeon when he was six years old, but soon changed to drums.

In his early teens he started to practice seriously and when he was twelve, he already did his first studio session.

In 1986 Chris was admitted to the Conservatory in Utrecht, from wich he graduated with the highest possible grade (A or 10) in 1992/1993.

Chris Strik studied drums with David Weiss and Gerhard Jeltes, but also followed classes in harmony, piano and history. During his studies here, he had the chance to play with and learn from many great musicians like Miroslav Vitous and Georgie Fame. He also played with the Metropole Orchestra from Hilversum.

For six years Chris was the main subsitute for Andre Ceccarelli in the band of Dee Dee Bridgewater, with whom he played / toured all over the world.(Blue note jazzclubs, Festivals/venues in Amerika, Canada, Aruba, Puerto rico, Israel, Aruba, Martinique, Italy, France, Madagascar, Japan, and many more countries).

Chris Strikplays with: Ad Colen 4, Fernando Lewis, Rob van Bavel 3, Amina Figarova, he also works as a freelance (studio) drummer all over the country. Over the last years he toured with: Hein van de Gein, Deborah Brown, Kenny Wheeler, Harvey Wainapple, Dmitri Matheny, Bill Solley, Kim Prevost, Rita Marcotully, Hugh Hopper, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Antonie Kamerling and Dee Dee Bridgewater.

He has done concerts / recorded with: Gary Willis, Pino Palladino, Niels Henning Pederson, Bobby Mallach, Jack van Poll, Denise Jannah, David Sanchez,Harold Danko, Ferdinand Povel, Piet Noordijk,Paul van Kemenade, Rob van Bavel, Bert van den Brink, John Ruocco, Hans Dulfer, Sonia Rogers,Marjorie Barnes, Deborah Carter, Wendell Morrison, Belmondo brothers,Toon Roos, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Ben van Dungen, Jesse van Rulle, Michiel Borstlap, Rob van Kreefeld, Trijntje Oosterhuis, John Ewbank, Tony Hadley, Jocelyn Brown, Eddie Connard, Leonardo Amuedo, Frits landsbergen, Eef Albers, Lois Lane, New cool collective, Nippy Noya, and many, many others.

He also played at the prestigieus world drumfestival, and recorded many albums from pop to jazz. At the moment Chris is teaching at De Muzen in Roosendaal and De Nieuwe Veste in Breda, The Netherlands.