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Brann Dailor
United States
Drummer Brann Dailor has quickly become an underground legend with insanely crafted grind-metal beats that have been perfected in stints with Today Is The Day, Lethargy and Mastodon.

After Brann Dailor left Today Is The Day in 1999 he moved back to his hometown of Rochester, New York. There, Dailor united with his former band Lethargy for a swansong show and demo.

With the final chapter in Lethargy closed, Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher moved to Atlanta, Georgia in January 2000 for a new start. Only three weeks after arriving in Atlanta, Dailor and Kelliher met bassist Troy Sanders and guitarist Brent Hines at a High on Fire show that Hinds put on in his basement. Dailor and Kelliher had almost a decade of playing and touring experience together; Sanders and Hines had a half-dozen.

Under the name Mastodon, the group recorded their first demo in June 2000.