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Dave Witte
United States
Dave Witte played drums in Burnt By The Sun but left with frontman Mike Olender in September 2004. Commented Olender about the split:
"The decision was amicable and there are no ill feelings between any of us. This core lineup was really exciting, satisfying, and rewarding for me to take part in and I'm honored to have shared the last four years with Dave, Ted, and John. We wrote music that we loved and tried to convey a message that made people think."
Dave Witte continued on with various other projects. In October 2004 he showed up in Richmond thrash-core squad Municipal Waste. Witte was first featured on their 2005 album "Hazardous Mutation" (Earache Records).

Witte previously hit the skins for such bands as Human Remains, Discordance Axis and Melt-Banana. Another remarkable outfit was the duo East West Blast Test. His first bands were The Remnants and Mordor in 1988/89. Adds Dave: "I was in a band called Major Burns which was a cool quirky indie rock thing, total acquired taste. I was in Anodyne briefly, drummed for Alec Empire, was in Incantation for like 2 days and was in Cattlepress (while I was in Lahborher) for like 2 weeks."

Dave Witte has a special one-footed blasting method. According to eyewitness accounts, he moves his left foot behind his right one and sort of crosses his legs. Comments Dave: "I really don't know how to explain that, it just happens. I think that sometimes when I'm really good and going, I really get into it and the leg comes up to balance me out so I don't fall over or something. Either that or I shift my weight so I can put as much force into the blast as possible. I really don't know."

Witte names Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Dave Lombardo, Nicko McBrain, Tim Alexander and Brandon Thomas as influencial drummers.
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