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Ben Graves
* November 05, 1972
United States
Born and raised on the east coast in Boston, MA, Ben Graves has been playing drums since the age of 12. Influenced early on by the likes of Tommy Lee and Randy Castillo, the seed was planted to form Ben's flashy, hard-hitting style. During his high school years, Ben's growing obsession with his instrument led him to take drum lessons and by 18 he was performing regularly in several local bands.

In 2001 Ben Graves moved to L.A. with friend and bassist Eric Griffin to become a member of the band Synical. The Murderdolls were searching for a rhythm section in the spring of 2002. Guitarist Tripp Eisen (since replaced by Acey Slade) knew Eric and decided to ask if he would be interested in filling the bass position. When asked if he knew any drummers that could do the job, Eric suggested Ben. The three of them got together to jam, and Tripp took a video of the session, which was later shown to Murderdoll founder/guitarist Joey Jordison. After Joey reviewed the tape, it was decided that Ben and Eric both had the skills and image needed to join the Murderdolls.

In February 2006 Ben Graves joined Antiproduct on their European tour as a session drummer.
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