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Jornt-Jan "Boom boom du Terre" Bras
* June 21, 1981
The Netherlands
Jornt-Jan Bras is a versatile drummer/video artist. Although it is not exactly known when he started playing drums and percussion, he had his first gig in 1987 with a percussion group in the Flora theater in Delft, The Netherlands.

Taking lessons at Drumschool Cleuver from Andre Kemp, he also studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. Amongst others he recieved lessons from some of the best drummers of The Netherlands: Andre Kemp, Juan van Emmerloot, Ad de Jong, Joost van Schaik, Hansz Deijnen (Beef), Bart Nederhand (Peterpan speedrock) and Hans Eijkenaar.

Jornt-Jan Bras played with Sephora, KAAS, Charles Z and the Hot Sluts from Hell. Also Jornt-Jan did a gig with DJ Joost van Bellen at an afterparty of the TMF Awards. Besides that he gives workshops about drumming with electronic at www.drummingsecrets.com.

His current band activities are Cellophane, and China Blue and singer/songwriter Anni K. As a guest performer he is a drummer on Dance evenements en does he do improvisations on videos, which he compiled himself.
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