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Lori comes from a musical and journalistic background.

She began studying music and writing songs at a young age, and got her first monthly column for Movie Teen Illustrated when she was sixteen. She graduated with a degree in history and journalism from The University of California, Northridge, going on to become assistant fashion editor at Calfornia Apparel News, and fashion and entertainment editor at Petersen Publishing. She left journalism to pursue music full time, writing, performing and coaching guitar. Lori coached many stars including Barbra Striesand for A Star Is Born, Amy Irving for Honeysuckle Rose, Christina Applegate, Beau Bridges, David Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and composer David Kitay. After closing her music school she became the editor of The Score helping SCL garner two ASCAP- Deems Taylor Awards. All the while she was writing songs for records, film and television, and freelancing for other publications which include food features in the Los Angeles Times and resturaunt reviews for On the Boulevard. She’s had three platinium CD’s for singles she co-wrote with BMG’s Girlfriend and a gold CD for her work on Marta Sanchez’s Mi Mundo. Lori also co-wrote a song with Keb’Mo’ on his Grammy nominated CD Just Like You Currently she has promos running on CBS for The Amazing Race, singles just released by Marisol, Karina, Mera, Marta Sanchez, Trini Lopez and Marcelo Augosto, with upcoming releases for A.J. Croce, Marta Sanchez, three featured works for the PBS special filmed in Romania entitled Damien’s Fire.
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