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The heavy music scene owes a huge debt to Zao, and you can be sure your favorite bands know it. Underoath and Unearth used to open for them. As I Lay Dying invited Dan to guest on their new album, "Shadows Are Security." The lion's share of the credit for crossing faith-based music into a then-politically motivated and secular only hardcore scene lays squarely on Zao's shoulders. Remember a time when a Carcass-inspired hiss or a melodic chorus seemed crazy? That was the time before Zao.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania isn't known for many things besides being in close proximity to the mall where George A. Romero filmed "Dawn Of The Dead." And the renegade spirit, commentary on the world around them, and personal introspection that drives the spectacled filmmaker lives and breathes within Zao, a band whose backwoods roots have allowed them to stay one step ahead of the trends by staying true to their isolated selves.
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