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Paul Ridgeley
United Kingdom
Session drummer Paul Ridgeley is the younger brother of Andrew Ridgeley, who gain world fame as one half of pop duo Wham!, also featuring George Michael.

Born as Paul Joseph Ridgeley, he initially grew up in Surrey (southern England), but later moved to Bushey (London) where their mother was a school teacher and their father a corporate executive.

Paul and his brother Andrew Ridgeley first played in ska band The Executive, also featuring George Michael. The Executive only played two gigs before disbanding in the late 70's.

Paul Ridgeley was first heard on Wham!'s "Fantastic" album, though not as a drummer but performing guitar.

After Wham!'s breakup in 1986, Paul Ridgeley played drums on Andrew's 1990 solo album "Son of Albert". Another guest appearance was made by percussionist Danny Cummings.

The hugely talented Paul is also known as one of the touring drummers for Bananarama.

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